Wedding - December, 2019

Big, boho and native.  It was a simple at that for this bride and groom.  Having met the couple only the week before their wedding (as they lived interstate), the brief was clear and their vision was spot on for their style and the bridal dress.  This was one crazy weather day in late December!  We hit a top of 47 degrees, with gusty winds causing havoc for the DIY marquee the couple had set up.  As we arrived the marquee was getting ripped down and the winds had completely destroyed it.  However, not a thing in the world could have upset this bride and groom, they were as chilled as they come.  Once the bride saw her bouquet she was in love and carried it around for a good two hours before the ceremony!  It was heavy!  This was a beautifully unique wedding on her parents property, that couldn't have been more perfect for them.

Some photos:  Bride2be Photography